Saturday, May 15, 2010

Love is the Main Course

Tonight's concert was truly magical. Timothy Harper played some familiar songs and a couple new ones. They were a collection of songs all about the journey of love: young man's love lost, the feeling you will never be loved again, the hope of a new love, and making that new love come true. He even sang a song he wrote on the way here that wasn't even really arranged yet - you wouldn't know it unless he told you. I think it was my favorite. It was about the most loving, intimate thing a man can do for a woman - cook dinner! Finally, a man who really knows what women want...

Pamela Bruner always amazes me. Like Timothy, her songs were love songs. Although she was first a singer, and only learned the harp so that she could accompany herself, her playing is enchanting. She explained that what she was doing wasn't really all that hard. So I picked up the sheet music after the concert, flipped through it and thought, "You know, she might be right." Well, let's just see what happens when I try to play it.

I went into the Exhibit Hall after the concert, and found one of the other harpists buying a carbon fiber harp from Dave Woodworth. I don't why I found this so exciting. Perhaps it was her excitement bubbling over into me. I was also pleased to find a couple of people looking at my harp in Bill Webster's area. Of course, I think my harp is the most beautiful harp in the hall. It's great to see other people admire it too.

I tried sitting in on the jam session, just to listen, tonight. But they were playing some very gentle and soothing music. I decided to come back to my room before I nodded off. So this is all I'm going to write for now and crawl into bed. Sweet dreams are a certainty.

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