Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Bishop's Wife

Today winter announced itself as it roared into our neighborhood. It began with rain, turned into wet, heavy snow, and then large, blowing flakes. As I write this blog in my snug, four-season sun room, the wind is howling and blowing around me. I have just finished watching one of my favorite holiday movies, The Bishop's Wife. I love this movie not just because Cary Grant "plays" a harp in it, but for the beautiful message this film carries.

The story unfolds as an angel (Cary Grant) is sent in answer to the Bishop's prayer for help in funding a new cathedral. This task is so overwhelming that he is neglecting his wife and daughter. Naturally, the angel helps in ways unanticipated and unappreciated by the forlorn Bishop. What unfolds is a delight tale of love, chivalry and holiday cheer.

From the moment Cary Grant strolls onscreen he has everyone's attention. He makes the angel, Dudley, just a little bit roguish, a little bit dark. You couldn't really take Grant seriously if he were all decked out in an angel's costume, halo and harp and all, but you can imagine him as a sort of very human angel. Which is exactly what Dudley is.

The lessons in this sweet little romantic dramedy are obvious and much of what transpires can be anticipated. Yet I believe that there are times we could use a reminder of how precious our relationships are - and that we can't ever take them for granted. There are few films that remind us of this with such heartwarming charm. Don't miss the chance to see The Bishop's Wife this holiday season!