Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mornings in the Garden

Last week we had the pleasure of having Two Women and a Hoe do some work for us again. This time it was a big job! They transformed our front yard into a garden that is really turning heads in the neighborhood.

It's only been five days, but my new garden has already had a great effect on my state of mind. Every morning I got out to water each new plant and check on their well-being. Are they getting enough water? to much water? I am amazed at how the rose bushes are blooming profusely, and the other bushes are sprouting new leaves. There are 57 plants and one tree, and it seems that I can remember each one and remark upon it's personal growth.

The tree and I are becoming great friends. Every day I begin the watering with the Red Bud-Forest Pansy tree by sitting on the nearby boulder and letting the water wash around the tree for a really long drink. I think about the beauty of the day and my surroundings. I then take my hose down the path and around each plant.

There is one special rose bush that I've become very fond of. The bushes all look identical, but when you get to know them, you'll see that one has blooms that are just a half shade lighter than the rest. I feel a special kinship with this "different" sister. I was the girl who grew up playing "war" with the boys because I was the only girl my age on the block. I was the girl who took up the coronet instead of the flute. In fact, when everyone else traded in their coronets for trumpets, I refused. I preferred the more mellow rounder tone of the coronet. I was the girl who read science fiction and watched Star Trek. And when computers first entered the workplace, and everyone else went running scared of the monster, I embraced it. (Thank you, Mr. Spock.)

Being a little different isn't uncomfortable to me. I love those parts of me that may seem a little "off" to others. I like to think that, like the rose, I add a little something unique to the garden.