Sunday, January 16, 2011

Into the "light"

I have been making preparations for changes in 2011. Like many of us, that includes improving my health with diet and exercise. My first change has been frequent trips to the gym. My second change has been abandoning coffee completely. I loved my morning coffee. I loved the ritual, I loved the warmth, and I loved being able to excuse my grumpiness of the lack of it. But I have found a wonderful substitute that I enjoy just as much, if not more. My Morning Mate tea from Teavanna. It does contain caffeine, but many people have a different reaction to this stimulant since it is blended with the other natural xanthines found in Mate (theophylline and theobromine). Together they create energy without jitteriness or addictive tendencies. The combination of Mate, black and Rooibos teas in My Morning Mate contains many health benefits. Studies show that this tea may help lower cholesterol, supress hunger, regulate blood sugar, help fight colds and allergies, and aid in weight loss. This tea contains 21 vitamins and minerals as well as a healthy dose of antioxidants. And I love the taste! We shall see if these small steps help me to "lighten up" a little!

My third change is the redecorating of my music room. This room is literally the center of my home. It is located in between the living room and sunroom, the kitchen and the bedrooms. When I last decorated it we had not yet added on the sunroom and there was plenty of light. Now there is very little. The drama of my dark, tapestry covered walls now makes the room gloomy. So the tapestries, medieval candle sconces, crosses, and burgundy draperies are gone. The holes where they hung are covered with white patches. The walls are splotched with differed shades of paint where we experimented with colors.

Tomorrow the painting begins. It feels like I am taking a step out of the shadows and into the light.