Wednesday, April 13, 2011


In case you've been wondering where I've been, this photo is a hint.

Well, yes - I have been playing my harp, but I've also been kept busy by my photography classes. This is a shot I took just yesterday in the studio. I've titled it "Arpeggio."

I still have tons of homework shots to take, and there is a class trip planned for Greenfield Village on Sunday. Combine that with a dog I've been hired to photograph on Thursday and I've been one busy lady.

But there is something in the back of my mind that makes me smile often. In just four weeks it will be time for The Harp Gathering again. This time is extra special for many reasons. There are more instructors/performers and an extra day! But more than that, I'll finally have the chance to meet Carol. I first met her online when she was considering which harp to buy. Wouldn't you know - she bought one just like mine!

So as I go through my busy week, I'm finding my heart lift like the notes of an arpeggio when I think of the fun, creative adventures that await me.

I just love this time of year!