Sunday, May 16, 2010

Magic Seeds

The last morning has arrived, and once again I sit writing my blog with a cup of coffee and harp music playing. This time it's Tapestry's The Journey album. It makes me think about this whole, wonderful journey, and how once a year isn't enough! Although all the hard work Denise, Michael and all the volunteers have put in have probably been enough for them at the moment. You can tell that they're working hard to make this experience an effortless and fulfilling one for all of us.

This morning as I woke that I was hoping to hear harp music from my neighbor's room. They are probably still asleep, but if they weren't I'm sure they wouldn't want disturb anyone. If they only knew... In fact, at home I never get to hear someone play the harp live. It's always me that's playing.

Looking out my window onto the newly plowed farmland next to the Inn, I see the morning sun turning the brown, plain earth into gold dust. It looks like a land where magic could grow. I know that this weekend, the seeds of magic were planted for many harpists.

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