Friday, May 14, 2010

Let The Harp Gathering begin!

This morning reminded me so much of that morning one year ago when I headed off on an adventure in search of knowledge and music. The sun was shining clear and right, the cool spring breeze was blowing. I once again packed up my little car with a harp. But this year the harp I brought didn't fit snugly in the back seat. This year I'm accompanied by what has been called a "Warrior Caste" harp. My back seats were lowered, and my McFall completely filled the hatch of my Chevy HHR.

The Heritage Inn hasn't changed one bit in the year since I've been here. There was a harp playing in the lobby as I entered, and I was greeted with enthusiasm. The room is spacious and beautifully decorated. This year I have my own porch which overlooks farmland. I doubt I'll be spending any time out there. Right now I'm headed off to listen to the harpist in the lobby before attending the afternoon workshop. I hope to post again after the workshop.

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