Friday, May 13, 2011

I can do that!

This afternoon I attended a workshop by harp builder Timothy Harper on how to maintain and adjust your levers for smooth action and perfect intonation. This is what we call "regulating" a harp. Timothy did a great job explaining the differences in the makes of levers and how they work - or don't work, in some cases! We had the chance to watch as he corrected lever problems on several harps, including one harp that the owner had tried to regulate herself. After he showed her how, she exclaimed, "I can do that!" and proceeded to regulate the next lever herself.

I believe that the phrase, "I can do that!" pretty well sums up what each workshop presenter is waiting to hear. I also predict that they will be hearing it a lot this weekend!

I takes some great photos already today, but unfortunately the computer I brought with me has an old version of PhotoShop and can't read the format that I'm shooting in. I'll switch formats tonight when I attend the concert. We'll be treated to performances by Tapestry, Kim Robertson and Frank Voltz. After the concert there will be refreshments in the Vendor Hall and a Slow Jam Session. If I'm not up too late, I'll post again. Otherwise, see you in the morning!

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