Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Harp for Hearts

This morning I chatted with the winner of the prize harp at breakfast. She told me how she said a quick prayer before the drawing that went something like this: "Lord, if I win this harp, I'll use it to serve You." Within seconds Denise pulled her entry out of the basket. Then, to let her know exactly how she was to use the harp in service to God, there is a workshop this morning called Harps for Hearts - a decade of music for healing. There are other reasons that appeared that evening to confirm that this particular "harp for hearts" was intended for her.

There are so many things I am anxious to tell everyone about, but there isn't time at the moment. I'll also be attending the Harps for Hearts workshop, and the concert featuring Louise Trotter immediately after. Then it will be time for the drive home. It may be a day or two before I put up a summery of the weekend, but I'll hopefully have a slideshow of my photographs tomorrow.

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