Friday, May 13, 2011

First Light

I woke well before first light this morning - about 5 a.m. It wasn't excitement about the day, or anything else I can identify. I was just AWAKE.

I waited for dawn, but it wasn't in any hurry to shine today. Light increased, but the day dawned grey and dull. To top it off, the air was so humid and warm and it felt like we had skipped spring and jumped right into summer.

So with my car loaded up with my baggage, camera and harp, I headed south to The Harp Gathering. My iPod cranked out my favorite Kim Robertson, Tapestry and Timothy Harper tunes and lightened my mood as I drove through the gloom.

Then, as I exited the Ohio Turnpike, the sun broke through. A few more minutes, and I arrived at the Heritage Inn. I was immediately greeted by harp music and my internet friend, Carol, at the front desk. It was terrific to finally meet her face to face!

There wasn't much time until my first workshop with Kim Robertson. Those Magical Celtic Harp Tunes was centered on the three powers of the harp - the power of sleep (lullaby), the power of sorrow (lament) and the power of joy (jigs & reels). Kim entertained us with her quick wit as she directed us through these three types of music and showed us how to effectively play them to produce the three qualities. She challenged us to "dare to play slow." A great reminder that the harp has great power even when played simply. She also reminded us that, even though we are contemporary harpers, we still carry with us the same magic the harpers of old used.

It was a wonderful first workshop. And for me - the first light of the day!

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