Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Two Women and a Hoe

My gardening philosophy has always been, "If it can't survive neglect, it doesn't deserve to live." Yet, due to poor health, I've been unable to get out in my garden even to clear out the weeds all spring and summer. The more the garden became overgrown, the more it bothered me. Then last week I saw a truck in our neighborhood that advertised, "Two Women and Hoe." I smiled at the humor of it and drove by. Before I had finished my task and returned home, I had decided to give these women a call to see if they could lend me a hand in my garden.

My call was greeted enthusiastically by Jan. Within a few days she arrived at my house with her partner and they attacked my garden with energy and efficiency. In a very short time they had turned the jungle into good, clean earth and properly pruned bushes.

Jan had discussed with me several things we could plant to make the garden colorful and low maintenance. As I kept wandering back to the garden throughout the day and evening, I imagined the magic we could create in that fertile land. Each time as I walked back to the house, I pulled each weed I passed in the yard and picked up the twigs that had fallen from the tree. I looked around and saw little improvements I wanted to make.

The dogs have also been drawn to the garden. Gracie has always enjoyed the view from the highest level, but she has been avoiding it this year because of the tall weeds. Now she runs out to the garden almost as soon as she is let into the yard. (That is, as long as the grass isn't wet - she's doesn't like to get her paws dirty...)

As my home has been cleaned and organized these past couple of weeks, I've found that my attitude has been improved greatly. I've enjoyed not having things spill out of closets as I open them, and being able to find things without hunting for them. But my garden is the greatest joy of all. The best part is the anticipation of watching the garden being transformed by someone who really knows how to do it, and who is willing to create something that I will be able to take care of properly myself once it is done.

Thanks, Two Women and a Hoe!

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