Monday, July 19, 2010


I hate giving up on something just because it's broken. So when the TV suddenly went black when we were watching it, we called the company that held our maintenance contract. To my dismay, the contract had expired just four days before! The cost of having someone just look at it was astounding, and then there would be labor and parts to pay for. So the decision was made to buy a new TV.

We came home with an "LG" model. The picture is bright, clear, and much sharper than the old TV. But my favorite thing about it, is the logo that pops up when you turn it on. "LG - Life's Good." A couple of times every day I see "Life's Good." It's a great reminder to take the time to appreciate all the wonderful things in my life: my husband, my dogs, my harps, and especially the time I now have to relax and truly enjoy them all.

Life's good.

I hope I can keep this TV a very long time...

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  1. Just stopping by between puppy feedings to say "Hi"! I'm getting better at the harp! :-D My major problem is restringing. Had a string break, tried to restring- bing- I broke it! Happened soooo fast I don't even really know what happened! Must have had it too tight- I followed instructions, so now I'm afraid to do it again, and need to restring (new pegs) all the lower ones. The pegs he put in slip so he sent me new ones. I'm afraid I'll break those large strings. Not too happy... and no one to help me learn. My teacher is NOT the friendly, helpful sort. I can't get my harp to her for lessons, and I can tell she will NOT come here even once- altho they drive right past here quite often. She could just come early and do my lesson here (once or 2ce), but nope. So I'm rather stuck. Wish me luck.
    So glad to hear you are enjoying your retirement. Knew you would.