Thursday, July 29, 2010

ConKerr-ing Hero

After a month of jungle-like heat, the long, hot summer finally graced us with a beautiful cool and breezy morning. For the first time in weeks, I turned off the air conditioning and opened up all the windows.

Today my friend, Susan, was going to come over and we would sew pillowcases for a children's cancer charity called ConKerr Cancer - a Case for Smiles. In preparation I set up my sunroom with a work table, fabric and sewing tools. I then went into my kitchen and made us a lunch of Ham and Cheese Rolls, Broccoli Salad and, of course, Blueberry Tarts.

We worked and chatted in the fresh breeze flowing through the sunroom, ate lunch, and visited the new garden. Susan laughed at Duncan and Gracie's antics in the backyard. By the end of the afternoon, we had completed a dozen pillowcases.

It was such an enriching day for me that I'd like to encourage everyone to get together with friends to do something to help out a charity. Who knows - you could turn out to be someone's hero...

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