Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Blueberry Tarts, Camille Tea and a New Garden!

I've been enjoying blueberries lately, so this morning I tried my hand at blueberry tarts made from scratch. By the time they were ready to sample, the ladies from Two Women and a Hoe had begun work on putting together my new garden. I'm still amazed on how fast they work!

Among the plants now residing in my garden are a pink Double Knock Out Rose, Coneflowers, Coral Bells, Shasta Daisies, Montana Rubens Clematis and an Annabell Hydrangea in addition to the veteran Lilac, Bridal Veil and Stella D'Oro.

One of the best things about this garden? It's almost maintenance free! Jan told me that I don't really need to do anything in it until next spring.

After they left the dogs and I went out to visit the garden. Duncan and Gracie loved the new scents they found there.

After taking a few pictures, we went back into the house. I sat in my sunroom, looking out at my new garden, drinking camille tea and eating a blueberry tart, with harp music playing in the background.

Does it get any more mellow than this?

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  1. What a beautiful garden and what absolutely GORGEOUS dogs. I can't imagine keeping them looking so beautiful! Must take some grooming. Me- I'm a low-maintenance girl myself- my babies get a bath once or 2ce a year whether they need it or not! Ha! (The girls will be getting one as soon as the puppies are old enough not to get chilled- they always get so dirty when they have babies.) Well, hope you get to enjoy many, many days of flowers from now on. Once you figure out the simplest plants, and mulch gardens really can be very easy to care for.