Wednesday, February 24, 2010

In Real Life

Yesterday we had a furniture delivery at our home. When I arrived home after work my husband told me of a remark the delivery man made when he saw one of my harps. It was something that all harpists have heard dozens of times. The man had told my husband, "I've never seen a harp in real life before!"

Hearing someone say that they have never seen a harp in real life always makes me smile. I still get that feeling of surprise at times myself, when I look at my harps. It's like the harp is from another place and time and I have only been graced by it's presence through some supernatural accident. My pedal harp stands over me like a king demanding my allegiance, and my Celtic harp seems to have become grafted to my heart. They are mythic individuals who have entered into my real life through a magic I can't begin to understand.

I also can't understand how I endured this world for so long without them.

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